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Hello there! I'm Christy.

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a passionate Voice Artist and I love what I do.  Formally an educator in the public school system I now share the written word through voice narration from my home studio under the pine trees in Central Texas. I savor each book and work to use my voice to bring the author's words to life in an engaging way for you the listener.

I am building my new catalog to present a wide range of literary genres that I hope will connect with readers in many different ways.

I maintain a growing media presence of listeners and followers as my voice narration career takes flight and I appreciate your support.  Take a look around to find information about myself, my career, updates on projects I’m working on, and upcoming events. 


Christy Hodson Welcomes You


  • Do Not Answer (DNA Series Book 3), By Kasey Riley 

  • 10 Beautiful Collection of Bedtime Stories, By Yordy Cobras

  • Fun House: Book 1 of the Carnival Duet, By Jamie Spicer 

  • Horse Konfidence: Tools to improve your life through an Animal Communicator’s journey, By Katheleen Daigle

  • When the Subject Is Rape: A Guide for Male Partners, Friends & Family Members, By Dr. Alan McEvoy

  • Hoodoo: Mystical Roots: Embracing the Power of Rootwork, Spellcasting and Ancient Folk Magic ... By Elena Cruz

  • Hard to Say It, By Grandma Beth

  • Ready, Set, SEX!: Comprehensive Guide from the First Glimpse to Blissful Cuddles, By OA Publications, Malia Aziz

  • Why Will My Boyfriend Not Propose?: And How to Get Him Down on One Knee, By Lucy Church

  • Love Prevails: Penny Crane's Reverse Harem MC Romance Book Three 



  • Secrets of Successful Women Inventors, Square One Publishers (in progress, Jan. 2024)

  • Coaching Mastery: From Beginner To Pro In Ten Years, By Gin Burda (Completed awaiting ACX Review)

  • Theirs: A Billionaire Reverse Harem Romance, By Penny Crane (in progress, Jan. 2024)

  • Teen Life Skills: Discover 101 Essential and Insightful Skills That Schools Don't Teach for a Life of Happiness...,By Florance Philip 

  • Ravs-N-Muls Project: Ongoing Narration in American English for Collegiate Lectures

  • Podcast Series Collaboration Authors & Voice Artists, Season 5.  Voice work on original unpublished script.

About the Narrator:

My name is Christy Hodson

Throughout her life Christy has nurtured and developed a true talent for engaging others and evoking emotion through the spoken word.  Starting her career serving as an educator in both Collegiate and grade 6-12 settings; she specialized in lecturing in history, economics, and government, and spearheading extracurricular programs focused on building youth literacy, life skills, and a love for learning.  

With a Master's degree in History as well as Secondary Education, along with formal training in theater, music, and voice; she brings the emotion of the written word to life for listeners with her compelling passion, eloquence, and uniquely rich sound.

Christy lives with her husband and family on a small farm outside of Austin in the Lost Pines region of Central Texas.  From her home studio, Christy immerses herself in works from all across the literary spectrum and lends her voice to a wide array of noteworthy book projects and promotional media.  

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Current & Recently Published Narration Projects:

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"Christy Hodson is a remarkable narrator who brings to her work all manner of nuance and a passion for getting the job done right. She is as prepared as she is flexible when it comes to bringing a book to life in audio format. All projects for which she is hired are sure to be noticeably better with her involvement."  

Anthony Pomes, award-winning audiobook director

"Christy is an amazing narrator with a beautiful, clear, voice. She brought my characters to life. She is very easy to work with and goes above and beyond. Her professionalism is top notch and above all else she is a kind, friendly person. I hope to work with her in the future with other projects." 

Jamie Spicer, Author of Fun House: Carnival Duet

Being Updated, Please Check Back!
(Go to, or google Christy Hodson on for a few clips)


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The Spoken Word

"The power of the spoken word is both utterly boundless and equally all encompassing.  Much like a bright star in the dark sky, or a favorite warm blanket on a very cold night. The distance between the spoken word and the listener's soul is without measure and virtually seamless."

Christy Hodson

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